It’s about time …

Time turns out to be a difficult subject to handle, especially when we are trying to make sense of what is lying ahead, when we are talking and thinking about the future. We often feel a sense of puzzle and confusion, an uncomfortable element of surprise. In Alvin Toffler’s famous words: The future always comes too fast and in […]

Charting the innovation landscape

The concept of the innovation landscape serves to characterise and describe the many different aspects that influence and shape innovation. The innovation landscape provides a powerful tool to understand the interrelations between those aspects, it sketches the lay of the land. Of course there are numerous ways of structuring and presenting such a landscape; my approach is built […]

Ideas for future posts

With only a few weeks into my blogging endeavour, I largely followed my instincts in the selection of topics to address. So far I focused mainly on the macro, long-term perspective, which is of course only one of many different angles to look at. In order to give you some idea of what I’m up […]

The beginning of a journey …

Innovation is widely appreciated as the source of technological progress, the driver for economic prosperity, and the stimulus of societal development as a whole. But how does innovation actually work? How does it deliver its benefits? And what are the downsides? In trying to find answers to these questions, I started on a personal learning […]