Ideas for future posts

With only a few weeks into my blogging endeavour, I largely followed my instincts in the selection of topics to address. So far I focused mainly on the macro, long-term perspective, which is of course only one of many different angles to look at. In order to give you some idea of what I’m up to, I decided to post a somewhat cloudy collection of thoughts that I think should be part of my future posts.

Such a list will always be incomplete, and this specific one is not really structured either. But I certainly intend to tackle those topics one way or another, even if I cannot say at this stage what the exact sequence or level of detail is going to be.

This is and will remain to be a learning journey. And while I do enjoy the flexibility of this medium, I do want to frame my thoughts and to give them a bit more structure and predictability. If you have preferred topics from my current selection, or suggestions to amend the wave of ideas, just let me know.

What's your view?

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