Innovation is one of those grand words – on many people’s mind, frequently used, and with various meanings in a broad range of contexts.

There’s a business dimension, where companies seek innovation to outpace their competition. There’s a technology dimension, where the frontier of the possible is pushed further. And there is society, which depends on innovation to ensure and sustain progress. While all these dimensions are entangled and intertwined, most current writing is focused on only one part: the business facet and the management of innovation within that context.

I’m curious to find a more comprehensive, a more holistic view of what innovation is and how it works. Taking into account the micro-economic business perspective as well as the macro-economic utility of innovation. Looking at the role of technology as well as the relevance of science. Addressing society’s need for innovation as well as the policies and politics that support and promote innovation.

When I embarked on this learning journey, I didn’t have a predefined itinerary in mind. Nor was I entirely sure which focus this blog would take. Now, in hindsight, it is clear that my writing stays at a conceptual level that delivers the building blocks for something that might become a philosophy of innovation.

As the journey unfolds, I’ll continue developing those ideas further, and sharing them through this blog. I’m excited about every single leg of this journey. And I’ll welcome every travel companion.

Feel free to join the ride. Share your thoughts and ideas.


What's your view?

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