How to manage technology flow

As we increasingly view technology as a resource, we must, as a society, rethink our approach to exercising control over technology: from handling individual products and services to controlling a constant stream of technologies to managing technology flow. Here’s why. Technology is a resource In the previous post, I shared my view that technology becomes less and less tangible, […]

Cities, companies, and innovation – Accelerate!

In their quest for the commonalities and differences between cities and companies, Geoffrey West and his team came across the crucial interplay between those two social structures. And from those findings, we can see that the role of cities in innovation is a lot stronger than we usually realise. A grand idea The heart of the matter is […]

Cities, companies, and innovation – An emerging narrative

The work of Geoffrey West and his team is truly fascinating. In their cross-disciplinary research on complex adaptive systems, they looked for common underlying principles that could be applicable to biological systems and social systems alike. Of course I’m particularly interested in West’s observations on social systems like cities and companies; and the different roles they play in innovation. Today, […]

Cities, companies, and innovation – Prologue

It’s rather rare that I’m immediately fascinated when I hear about an idea for the first time, but Geoffrey West’s 2011 TED talk about The surprising math of cities and corporations really stunned me. A theoretical physicist and former president of the Santa Fe Institute, West’s quest is for a genuine science of cities, based on universal principles, with quantifiable […]

No future for employment?

Every now and then you come across a truly eye-opening piece of writing that you just need to share with as many people as you possibly can. For me, such revelation came with Derek Thompson’s A World without Work, published in the July/August issue of The Atlantic. So don’t be surprised that this post is shamelessly advertising Thompson’s thorough […]