The beginning of a journey …

Innovation is widely appreciated as the source of technological progress, the driver for economic prosperity, and the stimulus of societal development as a whole. But how does innovation actually work? How does it deliver its benefits? And what are the downsides?

In trying to find answers to these questions, I started on a personal learning journey that is focused on innovation and the circumstances that promote successful implementation of new ideas.

I will look into technology, but at the same I need to address science as a key source of innovative technologies. When considering business and the economy, I cannot shy away from economics. And any discussion on society and its needs must include politics as well.

This broad framework of technology & science, economy & economics, society & politics will guide my journey towards a more comprehensive understanding of innovation. There is no pre-defined route, there might be short-cuts, there will be dead ends: surprise should come as no surprise!

I’ll share my thoughts and insights as I move forward, and I’m happy about any fellow traveller to join me in this exciting endeavour.

What's your view?

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