How we got to where we are

Thinking of the distant past, the numbers are staggering. In order to grasp the relative pace of the long-term developments, it helps to condense the entire history since the Big Bang into one single year: imagine 13.8 billion years boiled down to 365 days.

The human world

Embedded within the animate world, the human world took shape a mere 300,000 years ago with the arrival of Homo Sapiens. In this world, things are made, deliberately.

The animate world

Nested within the inanimate world, the animate world came to life (quite literally) roughly 3.8 billion years ago. Into this world, things are born.

The inanimate world

The inanimate world came into existence a good 13.8 billion years ago, right with the Big Bang. In this world, things just exist.

Change – the battle of order against entropy

Change can be described loosely as ‘things are different after’; it manifests itself as a modification that occurs over a (longer or shorter) period. But how does change come about?