How disruption pushes the boundary …

The innovation landscape I have sketched previously suggests that there could be some kind of symmetry. The third quadrant (disruptive) should have some similarity with the second quadrant (research), shouldn’t it? Well, it is true that both quadrants have one common characteristic: for both of them, one dimension is known, while the other one is unknown. If […]

Charting the innovation landscape

The concept of the innovation landscape serves to characterise and describe the many different aspects that influence and shape innovation. The innovation landscape provides a powerful tool to understand the interrelations between those aspects, it sketches the lay of the land. Of course there are numerous ways of structuring and presenting such a landscape; my approach is built […]

Funding innovation – a broken cycle?

Without a doubt, Clayton Christensen is one of the most prolific thinkers, scholars, and writers on innovation. He is probably best known for having coined the term “disruptive innovation”, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. To get a deeper appreciation of his thinking, I’d encourage you to watch the Clarendon Lecture he gave […]

Taking a walk across the innovation landscape

Recently I have described my concept of an innovation landscape along two axes: the demand for innovation, represented by the problems society is faced with, and the supply of innovation, represented by the ingenious ideas that have the potential to solve those problems. On both axes, there are known and unknown areas, but those areas […]

Understanding innovation in 2014 …

When I launched this blog only three months ago, I did that with a passion for understanding innovation and in the intention to commence a learning journey that would hopefully be inspiring, surprising, and encouraging. Now, at the end of the calendar year, looking back at the first few legs of the journey, I can […]